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Kenya is a once in a lifetime destination for a lot of travellers. Safaris off the beaten track, mountain trekking and the warm and clear waters of the Indian Ocean make Kenya an ideal holiday destination. At Viewfinders, we organize internal flights, air charter (including helicopters), have specially adapted 4x4 vehicles for hire (with drivers) and offer airport & hotel transfers across Kenya. We can also arrange personal VIP airport assistance on arrival and departure.

We offer competitive deals with hotels and lodges in Kenya & manage travel  itineraries.


Wildlife filming is a matter of patience. Having spent hours in the bush watching animal behaviour at close quarters , Sometimes waiting for days on end has afforded Sajid the privilege of learning animal behaviour intimately.
Being in his element in the bush, you get a bespoke experience tailored to your speed and need. From horse riding itineraries, to photographic safaris with a published wildlife photographer or a relaxed safari with cinematic flair, come live the safari experience of your dreams!

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