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Quotes from Our Visitors Book

"Thanks to you, we are in great shape" (Sir David Attenborough)

"Thanks to the fixers from heaven" (Paul Gordon, Australian channel 7)

"Complicated filming, Travel connections, logistics, and guess what? Nothing went wrong" (Derek Towers)

"Yet again it worked like clock work, thank you" (Robin Hellier; BBC NHU)

"Africa can be tough at times, it's much easier with your help" (Falk Eggert, Cape Town)

"Thanks for the best service - the hospitality, the brie, the wine, the laughter" (Iman)

"Fantastic as always, thanks for holding it all together - again" (Simon King; BBC)

"We were in good hands. Thanks so much" ( David Lickley, Science North, Ontario IMAX)

"Viewfinders rule" (Lisa Lax, NBC, New York)

"The entire operation gets slicker with every visit" (Robin Hellier; BBC NHU)

"The only possible complaint I could that everything went so smoothly. Damn it!! Its meant to be difficult in Africa...!" (Pierre Hinch; Zambezi Productions)

"I regard Viewfinders as the finest operator I have ever worked with in two decades of documentary making" (Tim Toni; Beckers Entertainment, Australia)

"Jean is simply the best fixer in the world. If everybody would be able to provide the quality service like she does, our work load would significantly decrease. It is a real pleasure to work with her each time" (Wolfgang Knopfler; Terra mater)

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