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Travel & Accommodation

We can organise internal flights, air charter (including helicopters), specially adapted 4x4 vehicle hire (with drivers) and airport & hotel transfers across Kenya. We can also arrange personal VIP airport assistance on arrival and departure for your extra comfort.

We make the best deals with hotels and lodges in Kenya. We can also manage all travel including personal holiday itineraries. We settle all payments for accommodation and car hire on your behalf and bill you at the end of the shoot. 

Specialised Camps

We can arrange any specialised, private on-site camp facilities. This also includes trained chef(s) and support staff as required.


Permits & Licences

We can obtain filming licenses from the following bodies and many others: Ministry of Sports, Culture & Arts, Kenya Wildlife Service (to film in National Parks & Reserves), private conservancies (in Kenya and Tanzania), Kenya Airports Authority, National Museums of Kenya, Kenya Railways Corporation and Kenya Roads Authority.


Location Scouting

Through our experience and vast network of local and regional partners, we can assist in finding the best locations that suit your production’s requirements. 


Pre-prod and Production Support

We can assist with research and planning, recces, local budgeting, scheduling, and script writing.


Terms & Conditions

An agency fee will be charged on a time basis. A deposit may be required on acceptance (the amount depending on individual requirements). On completion, we would appreciate a DVD copy of your film and a credit in the final film where possible. A copy of the film is also required for the licensing authorities.


Local Crew 

We are able to organise a professional local crew to support your production needs.


Equipment Shipping Logistics

We can arrange safe and reliable equipment freighting including management of import permits, clearing and re-export upon departure.



We can organise availability of trained security guards on-site.


Medical Insurance

We can arrange emergency medical evacuation insurance (by road and air) across Kenya through a prior arrangement with AMREF Flying Doctors. We can also arrange on-ground and on-site medics for any emergencies.

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